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A cover of a song very special to me
John Lennon is one of my all-time biggest inspirations and I've always wanted to make a video covering his song Working Class Hero. I hope it's ok with y'all that this is a cover, but I felt strongly that I wanted this to be my featured creation for this month, to honour one of the greatest songwriters who has influenced my views on the world. This is also the first video I've ever shot using 'pro' lighting, which I set up today and purchased with some of the money from your pledges, so thanks! Positive feedback and constructive criticism welcome :D. Big hugs to all y'all! Nate PS: this video is currently only available to you, the #nateives, but you're welcome to share this post with your friends. I'll make it public in about a week, once you've had a chance to enjoy it first :D