Cover of the Week - All-New Wolverine 24
Cover by Leinil Francis Yu

Over the past couple years now, Marvel has been making an effort to introduce legacy characters. Newer, younger characters, taking on the matle of heroes we already know and love (and maybe have gotten a bit stale. Maybe). While X-23 is not a new character, she has been taking on the mantle of Wolverine and doing a splendid job of it.

Wolverine (Logan) has always been a bit of a wild beast. There is an intensity that can drive the character often springing him into fits of rage. Laura, the new Wolverine, is displaying that same rage on this cover, giving long time fans of Wolverine a great sense of familiarity. It's what we expect from the character, and its what we are getting. Leinil Francis Yu's artwork here isn't just giving us intensity for the sake of intensity, but its doing it really well.

But not everyone is familiar with Laura. In a lot of people's minds, maybe even her own, she has to prove she is worthy of her namesake while remaining her own person. It's an uphill battle, which Yu depicts excellently. There is a lot of pressure pushing down on Laura which we bring into the image as our eyes travel diagonally down Laura's claws from left to right. But Laura is facing against us and literally pushing back as she fights upwards from right to left. This tension creates one hell of a cover.

All-New Wolverine 24 is on sale now!