COVER PREVIEW and a holiday gift next week!
Hello, all! Whatever holiday you are (or aren't and are merely putting up with) celebrating this time of year, I definitely want to use this festive time as opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you for supporting us this year! We're rolling right along with some new stuff, and I'll be posting my annual recap and announcement at soon. Til then, here's a treat! This is a COVER PREVIEW of Part 2 of my new graphic novel THE HOUSE OF MONTRESOR, due out for Poe's birthday next month. Artist Jason Strutz is rolling color pages to me now, and we'll have some of those to show you shortly. For those so inclined, you can check out Part 1 of The House of Montresor on comiXology ( and ( right now! Also, as you know, Patrons support the new comics we release to you every other Wednesday, but December has an extra week! Rather than charge for next week's comic (and we certainly didn't want to skip it) we'll be sending out a FREE comic to all of our patrons for release day. Not telling which one yet, but it won't be a KILLER QUEEN story, but rather something new from our catalog. BEST WISHES to all of you! See you next week!
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