Covers on the Covers w. in/PLANES & Jesse Elliott: Garth Brooks!
I'm shaking my head even now that we did this song. The coercive Jesse Elliott (Ark Life & These United States) gets full credit for convincing us of the merits of this song. "Friends in Low Places" was a wild hit when I was 11 and oh man did we belt it out in the clanging gradeschool cafeteria. Sloppy Joes and even sloppier singing. Poor poor lunch ladies. Hearing it now with grown-up ears, though, I was taken aback - I had no idea the verses were actually good! All it took was that Edim chord for Inaiah and I to cock our heads and say yes.

I just said goodbye to Colorado, Jesse and Desi & Inaiah of in/PLANES. We got to roll through the mountains together, falling for each others' songs and spirits. Oh their music is SO GOOD. Every night of listening got more and more dreamy. I'm already grumpy that I have to wait for their first album, which they're working on now. You can get a taste of older versions here or get to know them over in Facebook land. To tide us all over, there's always their other most excellent project, The Haunted Windchimes.

love n stuff and probably one more cup of coffee,