Coveting and envy leads to socialism!!!
Episode 876   When you take a deep look at socialism/communism, the root of these two systems are coveting and envy.  People are told by politicians that folks have more then they do and that's not fair, let me help you fix it.  That's when the downward spiral of a nation begins!

 Most of what is wrong in the world is a heart problem, a spiritual heart problem.  Instead of  looking to their own life and how to live it, to many people try to live others lives.  In trying to live someone else's life, you not only destroy their freedom and liberty, you also destroy your own and most of the time you don't even know it!

 In America we all have equality in opportunity, but not a guaranteed outcome.  It's this unequal outcomes that some people rail against and try to fix.  The problem in fixing the outcomes of some folks, is you have to destroy the outcomes of others folks. Making sure everyone is equal under the law is the only way we can guard the outcomes of  everyone in America!!!