Cow Mold - SOLD
 This mold is a cute cow face 

I know it was used on this head: and I *believe* it was also used on this more recent head: Unfortunately, even after a very exhaustive search, I was unable to find a photo to confirm this. But since I do not *have* another cute cow face mold then it must have been.

This mold is made from Rebound 25 and Ultracal (a high quality plaster). The Rebound is not torn or worn through in any spots. It is still flexible and ready for use.

In one spot the Ultracal is completely broken away. This will likely need to be repaired (set it in place and pour more plaster over it) before use. The other plaster chips are no issue, but you need a way to hold the plaster halves together when slush-casting so you'll have to reattach the broken piece to the main half it came from.

Plaster is heavy (and I cannot guarantee it will not break in transit) so please be aware of those higher shipping costs when you bid.

You can make/sell masks made from this.