I often talk about how animals and fanciful creatures will be at play here. Now I have one to show you.

Behold! The Crabbit!

Oh and I'm not sure if you guys saw, but we're at 1K followers on Twitter.  I want to do a cool refer-a-friend for you all.


How about this...

If one of your friends becomes one of my patrons by June 1st, I will

1) Post your name and business (or portfolio site) on the Thank You page of the first installment of Seen and Unseen


2) Write up a small promo for you which I'll post on my next blog post. So it'll be like:

How to Win at Creative Adult - <Subject Here>

Brought to you by the support of <Your business or venture here>
Insert small description of you and what you do.

Depending on popularity, I'll do 1-3 at the bottom of each post every post until everyone is taken care of :)

Anyway, I hope that'll be a cool way for you all to get your names out into the world a little bit more, because very bit helps, right?


Speaking of which, you're all my little bits, and I think you are awesome for that. I am so grateful for your support and trust.

Have a fantastic evening!


PS - if you do have a friend sign up, please do me a solid, and let me know so I don't short change anyone. :)

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