Crack Ship Kid: Pluto/Endymion
Oops, I meant to post this last night but AHH!
Ok so I want to start off that I do not support Pluto/Endymion (just like I don't support Usagi/Seyia) BUT I do enjoy some art within the ship...

But anyway, I really love her lol

In civilian form her hair is slightly lighter green than Pluto's and she dyes her white Poliosis hair black. When she transforms it turns pastel green and lavender. Pretty much her theme is pastel goth/opals/gold/garnets. Though I haven't finalized fuku colors yet. Also when her staff/key "unlocks" (all the keys parts are facing the same way) the sheath can be taken off so it can be used as a huge, two handed, heavy sword. lol