Cracking some more bad Jokes.

The Puns giveth, the Puns taketh.

Now we can finally make Plastic the intended way, and there is now also ways for Petrol and Fuel-Oil to be cracked down into Propylene and Ethylene.

Biomass can be distilled in the Distillation Tower too, but if you want a good Biomass to Ethanol Ratio without any non-water byproducts, the Distillery is still a bit better.

The Compartment Drawer can now be Monkey-Wrenched in order to set it to Sided Mode, where Automation can only insert into half of the Drawers depending on the Side they insert/extract from. This makes it possible to place one Compartment Drawer between two Machines without having to space the Machines apart 2 Blocks in order to place 2 Chests inbetween.

And the Rotational Pump got finally fixed so it can pump large Bodies of Liquid (such as Oceans) without lagging the Game to death.

There we go with the Changes, right up front without any rambling, because rambling follows now:

So Article 11 & 13 has only one last Voting Wall to pass at the end of March, and then we are doomed if that happens (like actually irreversibly doomed, unlike all the previous times), but not only that, apparently Article 12 is also a terrible thing, even if it doesn't affect me or the Internet directly, it does give Publishers the ability to steal more Rights and Money from their Artists, which is generally not a good thing.

This damn Anxiety is killing me, I wish I could see four weeks in the future just to know how that turns out (or five to see the aftermath and possible exploits), so I can either finally calm down or start preparing some Geoblocking with an extra helping of VPN ontop...
I dont want to block everyone in Europe, but if I have to, then I hope putting a Page with "Europe is blocked, here is how to get a cheap/free VPN or Proxy going, so you are able to actually see Posts on the Forum" is not violating anything, as long as I am not the one hosting the VPN itself.

There we go, I'm done rambling and still feeling bad about all of this. Download Page Link for Convenience and thank you for your Patience. :/

Lets hope nothing reminds me too much of this, so I can forget about it and actually do something productive...

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