Cracks in the Mask
So I wrote a poem for a change, and I thought I'd share it with you, I hope you like it loves.

Ps. Vloggy update thing incoming too :)

                       *  *  *  *

I'm not going to say it once 

I'll say it as many times as it takes 

To encourage your hopes and you dreams and your wants

And to show how much fucking difference it makes 

See I have been, and am, like you

Held up by strings and together with glue

This living thing can be a trial, a task

And you pin on a smile like a porcelain mask

It's fragile, that smile, right? It's easily broke 

And it's not always easy to tell other folk

Why one moment you seem happy, not a care in the world 

'til that dark ship sails into your mind, with it's black flag unfurled 

How do you say that a call on the phone 

Can fill you with dread that can cut to the bone 

Or the smallest remark, despite the intent

Leaves you stuck in your bed feeling utterly spent

So I want to help my friends with healthier thoughts 

To see this isn't a game for me, there's no crosses or aughts

Though there's ought to do this and there's ought to do that

And those false assertions in my mind can leave me crushed flat 

So I spend most of my days screaming inside to be seen 

But the people around us aren't always so keen

To know how it feels to abandon a 


'cause it feels like you're falling apart at the seams 

So if you aren't stuck with having to hide 

Anxieties, loss or thoughts of suicide 

Tell everyone you can that they're loved, and they matter 

'cause the point of this exercise isn't to flatter

It's to hold out a hand to which they can cling

When they don't feel anchored here by anything 

See there's no greater thing you can possibly do

Than to show someone who feels like they're dying, they're living, to you.