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Crafty birds
Hi friends! I just realized I'm once again doing that not-posting-here-like-I-wanted-to thing. Agh! I think sometimes I expect myself to be wonder be able to keep up with all the ideas I put out there. I can only juggle so many, but unfortunately I'm not good at knowing my limitations. Hopefully you've seen the vlog I posted on Monday with a little of the craziness in it - a new fb page, twitter, changed up the blog email subscription with a design tip email series that go to new subbies. And a bunch more stuff that's making my head twirl round and round. :) I head out on a plane to the east coast in a few minutes, but wanted to share my latest nutty creation - putting the Tim Holtz birds into a crafty setting! Not sure if he'll like it, but....ah well, right? A crafter's gotta do what a crafter's gotta do! Hope you enjoy! Sandy
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