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Hey folks! We're creeping up on my 2000th song. I've just decided that I'm going to try to release ANOTHER album to accompany it - an EP with 5 songs. I wanted to share the little bits and pieces of what I've got so far: My friend Eric Strom, who also did his own Song A Day project a while back, helped produce a few of these, and my other friend from college, Bailey Math, is producing and mixing them as well. I'm pretty excited about it - I really love these songs. I was going to try to have a book ready by the time of my 2000th song, but with baby and everything, I've just not had time to finish it. Anyway, that's what's happening around here. I'm up at my parent's house in CT with my wife and Jupiter. It's nice to have some help and to not have to cook or clean or do the dishes! Yay! Here's last week's songs: Hope you're all having a great summer!
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