It was 1:40AM when i got the munchies. Dominoes was closing at 2 AM so I quickly put in my order for 1 brooklyn style XL with pepperoni. An hour passed and despite having charged my debit card, the pizza was no where to be found. Determined to satisfy my hunger, I got in my car and drove to the Dominos so I could catch the punks eating my pizza in the parking lot. Coming to a stop at a red light my car began to hydroplane and before i knew it, i had slammed the guy in front of me. We exchanged numbers and he left. No towing companies were picking up their phone. I walked the two miles home and fell asleep.

So here i am finally getting the car towed but still pizzaless. Luckily after explaining to Dominos how their failure to deliver my pizza resulted in the totaling of my car, they gave me a free pizza.

Lucky nobody got hurt. :)

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