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Crashing - Tom Read
Hi all, here is song #3 called CRASHING. This is probably the most personal and difficult song I've written yet. My mum has been battling with dementia over the last couple of years, and I wrote this for her and my father who has been taking care of her. I didn't set out to write about this, it just sort of happened as I was writing. Anyway, it's an emotional one, but I hope you like it! CRASHING Stay near me, don’t ever let me be All by myself, all by myself I don’t know if I can keep control Out of my depth, I'm out of my depth And the waves keep crashing over me And the waves keep crashing over me But still you keep holding on Holding on, you keep holding on To my heart I can't see what's up ahead of me I'll try to stay strong, I'll try to stay strong Don't let go, don't let me drift alone Tether to me, tether to me Rushing around me and over my head Stealing the air from my lungs, from my chest I can hardly breathe Dragging me downwards away from the light Pulling me under, grasping me tight I can hardly breathe
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