Crazy Friends Patreon Community rules
This is the Crazy Friends Community Patreon servers:

- Discord

- Ark (The Center map with Extinction Core & other mods)

The rules for all servers are:

- access granted to every patron who pledges the required amount (see indiviual Crazy Folks' members' patreon page)

- access granted once your Patreon fee is processed on the 4th of each month

- access can be revoked by any Crazy Folks member if they feel the requirements are not met, such as

- be mindful and keep propper etiquette

- we are all in the same tribe, all Crazy Folks are tribe admins

- notify the admins in Discord (@Scryptar @BodenMaddox @Mortuari) about server / player issues (mod updates, stuck in terrain, ...)

- do not join a Discord voice channel other than #general* uninvited - we might be recording

- when part of a recording/stream, stay positive and have fun!

- do not cheat (such as importing "OP" items from Ark single player)

- have fun and join the crazyness!