A Crazy Question for all of you . . .
There's something that's been driving me crazy for a long time now--and I need  reader opinions.

It's Iva and Indri's names.

Believe it or not, I named these characters over ten years ago, and their names haven't changed in all of this time (Which is pretty remarkable considering just about everyone in the story has had serious makeovers and name changes.) When I first considered putting Eldair online as a webcomic, I really considered changing their names because they're so similar. I thought it would be confusing and readers would have a hard time keeping track of who is who. When I brought it up to Rachel, my writer at the time, she was adamant that they stay the same, and I think it was mostly for nostalgic reasons.

Now years into the project, I still regret not changing Iva's name. And I'm wondering if it would be worth the trouble to change it now! This is possible because Eldair hasn't gone to print. It would just take a lot of time to change all the dialogue online to Iva's new name.

So please, I could really use some feedback on the matter! Has Indri and Iva's names confused you as you've read this comic? And do you think it would be worth while to change one of them? It would probably have to be Iva, because Indri's full name is Indri Ann A Jones, and we would lose all of those fun Harrison Ford references.

If I changed Iva's name, I was thinking of keeping it simple and calling her "Ava". That should be enough visual change in her name to differentiate her from Indri. But if there are people who are all for the change, I may even take suggestions on what her new name would be from you guys!

Anyways, Opinions! I need opinions! Please give them to me! I'd love to hear what you think.