Crazy successful CES!

Hey everyone,

Have you been watching our CES coverage? We've been talking about it in the Patreon-backers group chat on Skype. 

I had a lot of fun coordinating CES this year. The hardware industry is booming with tech: Pascal's around the corner, AMD showcased Polaris (we've got a video of that on the channel), SSDs are making moves further into NVMe and PCIe territory, cases are finally innovating -- lots going on. You can check all of that, as always, on the YouTube channel.

For the immediate future, we're investigating the purchase of desk mics for podcast-style recording (right now, we're using our field reporting mic and holding it for voice-over videos, which is a bit of a pain to set up), looking into full-time hires, and generally expanding the site.

At the request of some of Patrons and our user base on YouTube / the site, we're also looking at a dual R9 390 card, pitting it against 2x GTX 970s in SLI. Should be a fun test to finalize and report on! That's coming next week.

Anyway, just wanted to update everyone.


- Steve.