Create a Belle OC Updated!




Clan/Last Name (Must reflect your tribe and Nationality):

First name:

(Rules for naming your OC:
-The last name must match your clan and nationality. 

-Your first name must be a color, a kind of gem, or a name that would give your last name more meaning.


Belle's Mother's name is Allegra "Allie" Campanella and it is Italian for the song of the bells.

Belle's Father's name is Alveno "Al" Schelle and it is German for Truth Bell, or as a phrase could be changes to 'The Bell of Truth Rings'.

Kane's Mother's name Shizuka Shzu-Kin Schelle, and it is Japanese meaning Quiet Golden Bells. 

Kane is a kind of ceremonial bell. Belle's name is a mix of her Italian and German heritage. Belle is Italian for Beautiful and it clearly also can mean bell, and Schelle is German for bell.)


Blood Type:

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You start with 10 points, spend them on the Abilities and/or Weapon you want your character to start with. Abilities are possible because of blood born Nano technology. 

All characters can theoretically activate all of the abilities from all of the tribes, if given enough time.

an ability from a tribe your character does not belong to it will cost an additional 3 pts and one parent must come from that tribe.

Water Tribe

Colors: Blue, aquas, blue greens, reds and pinks.

Shape: Circle

Gem: Sapphire

Symbol: Rose

Many of these people possess an extra dose of empathy towards their fellow human beings thanks to the abilities they posess. As such they have become expert medical practitioners. They have come to love the bow for it’s ability to distance them selves from the violence of a fight, and it’s ability to kill with one, painless shot.  They are long range fighters, medics and glass workers. 


3 Pt Basic Wood Bow: Easy and Fast to use, not as accurate, needs t be repaired frequently. 

5 Pts Basic Metal Bow:Accurate and strong, slow to aim and fire because of weight. 


3 Pt. Volume control: Mute sounds or make them louder internally.

5 Pts. Selective Volume control: Mute specific tones or sounds or make them louder internally.


3 Pts. Bio Signs: Can see medical information on a person without a holo projector or other device.

5 Pts. Auras: Can see the bio signature of a human or construct at a distance or at night. Useful for long range medical assessment or bow aiming. 


5 Pts. Bio Signs: Instantly access Vital signs from skin to skin contact.

7 Pts. Basic Telepathy: pick up on or project emotions, contact whispering.


7 Pts. Perfect Movements: Motor skills so fine that a person with this ability can move between their own heartbeats. Surgeons and snipers benefit most from this skill. 

5 Pts. Basic Statuary: They can freeze and hold perfectly still for several moments, even up to a minute, allowing them better patience and aim. 

Earth Tribe

Colors: Orange, browns and tans, dark blues and greens. 

Shape:  Astroid

Gem: Diamond

Symbol: A round gem cut from the side

Miners and merchants, they have adapted to the dark tunnels they create, and overall have collectively gathered the most wealth. Many tribe members enjoy benefits of the riches their ancestors dug up.

Now many of these skill make members of this tribe fantastic detectives or police. They do have a lot of inherited wealth to guard, after all.


3 Pts. Light Sword: Fast and easy to use, but easily chipped or broken.

5 Pts. Heavy Sword: Hard to maneuver and block with, but can deal a lot of damage.


5 Pts. Pitch Purity: Be able to strike a metal or other material and see how pure it is.


5 Pts. Night vision: See in near total darkness.

7 Pts. Contrasts: Block some colors, enhance others, see in black and white, all to help identify materials or patters in rock, wood or dirt.


3 Pts. Material Identification: Touch almost any object and know instantly what it is made out of.

5 Pts. “Ear of the Lungs”: Feel vibrations in the air and perceive them as sounds to help understand the structure of the world around you.


3 Pts. Enhanced Ballance: Walking along ledges and narrow rock faces is dangerous work, but with better balance a miner or detective can move that much more safely.

5 Pts. Shock Resistance: Take less joint damage while striking something like a rock, or getting struck.

Wood Clan

Colors: Green, browns, reds and blacks.

Shape: Clover

Gem: Emerald

Symbol: Acorn

Filled with trackers, hunters and builders this clan is said to embody the spirit of tough pioneering. They can arrive some place they have never been before, set up camp, and settle in like they’ve been home forever in a matter of hours. 


3 Pts: Basic Hammer: When you have a hammer everything looks like a nail.

5 Pts: Basic Short Ax: Sharp and swift, cut trees and Constructs down to size with just a few hard chops.


5 Pts. Perfect Directional Detection: Know where any sound is coming from.


3 Pts. Heat Vision: See how hot or cool something is. Can be very useful for tracking.

5 Pts. Lines: See the world in the lines of mathematics with angles, graphs and circles. Very helpful for building or calculating an attack.


3 Pts. Bio Markers: Leave bio markers on almost any surface by thumb print that can contain short messages or instructions for other clan members.

5: Read the Bio markers of any human that has passed by.


5 Pts. Reinforced Joints: Allows for much better torque and leverage when lifting, tossing or hitting anything.

7 Pts. Basic Strength: Three times as strong as an average person with similar mass.

Iron Clan

Colors: Purple, silver, most metallics, and shades of brown.

Shape: Square

Gem: Bismuth

Symbol: A Shield (Each clan has it’s own crest, but the outline remains the same)

Industrious and stealthy, these are an of mix of large mechanical creations, and stealthy combat. Think Ninjas with Team Punk technology that got all tabled up in a lot of blue glowing weirs. They are a more closed off clan, and prefer to work some what independently. However they are keen to make deep connections to those they trust, and are quite loyal over all.


5 Pts. Accessory Item: Something small and seemingly pretty, like a wrist cuff or a necklace, that can turn into a small hand held weapon.

7 Pts. Clothing Weapon: A hat has a bladed rim, a scarf can be used to taze some one. One item of clothing, one special function. The design is yours.


5 Pts. Tech-noise: Hear the digital signals between Constructs


3 Pts. Tech Readout: See the programming of any construct without the aid of a holo projection device.

5 Pts. See the Tech markers of any construct that has passed by.


3 Pts. Mechanical Telepathy: Access and possibly alter code of simple, tame constructs.

5 Pts. Ability Reading: Quickly read the abilities of any one you touch.


3 Pts. Reflexes: Catch and dodge with super fast speed.

5 Pts. Coffee Blood: Staty awake and alert for hours... until you crash.