Creating "In Defense of House Stark" - Part 2
A happy, game-filled, creative GURPSDay to all!

In today's Game Geekery post, I finish off the second half of creating the Game of Thrones-inspired convention game, "In Defense of House Stark."   I GMed this three times at last weekend's Gateway 2017 and had great fun every time. The story played out differently with each group as well, definitely a plus for me as a GM!

In addition to discussing what went into its creation, the post has a download link to the entire 42-page package: GM notes, maps, pre-gen characters, paper figures... basically, everything you need to run the game yourself if you want to (and if you do -- how did it go?).

This week I'd also like to get the "Post-Con Wrap Up" entry posted to talk about how it ran at the table -- if not, it will go up next Thursday. Other projects I'm working on are making a form-fillable copy of the Dungeon Fantasy RPG character sheet and an even *more* streamlined player handout for future GURPS games, so keep an eye out for those.

Keep on GURPSin'!