Creating Just For You!
At age 11, my dream was to be a talk radio host.

And I was. For more than 20 years. My career spanned top name networks and Top 10 Markets around the Nation.

I got to live the dream.

But now my dream has been re-envisioned.

I realize what I've always dreamed of doing is creating compelling and relevant and enjoyable content for YOU...

YOU the listener and supporter, not a radio boss or corporation.

Patreon allows me to do just that, and possibly make a living again from what I love to do most. 

Only THIS time, I'm creating exclusively for YOU.

If you've ever listened to my radio shows in the past or even if you are brand new to my news and views and philosophies, I urge you to show your support TODAY.

For as little as a buck a month, you will ensure access to my Podcast and Adventures for YEARS AND YEARS to come.

Thanks to all who have joined already and to all those just joining today.

I appreciate each and every one of you more than you can know!