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First of all, if you're a patron of this experiment, thank you. Having your support to continue collecting and connecting dots, as well as other Portland startup community maintenance, is equal parts humbling and inspiring. I sincerely appreciate your joining on as a patron. So thank you ❤️

Over the past year, I've received a lot of anecdotal and qualitative feedback about this little Patreon experiment — which seeks to engage and connect the broader Portland startup community in ways that tend to fall outside of my direct efforts with early stage startups and mentors through the Built Accelerator, PIE, and PIE Shop. All of the feedback has been super helpful. So again, thank you for providing it. 

Still, I'm always motivated to continue seeking out more feedback. To figure out more ways to provide value for the community. And to ensure that the patrons of this project derive commensurate value for the level of support they are providing. 

As I prepare to iterate on this effort again and keep pushing the experiment forward, I thought it would be wise to provide another platform for that feedback. Rather than just go with the anecdotes. So, if you have a few seconds, I would really appreciate your opinion on ways that I could make this Patreon community more valuable to you. Or if there are things I could be doing or offering that would provide the level of value that would encourage you to join this community of patrons.  

To put it more bluntly, what do you think I should be doing next or more of…? What is the single most important thing I could do that would be of value…?

Please feel free to provide your input via the poll and comments, below. 

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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Create deeper connections among patrons

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