Creating Fluidity Podcast Episode 3 - Ellie and Samantha

 Welcome to Episode 3 of the Creating Fluidity Podcast where April speaks with  Ellie Pfeuffer and Samantha Carpin.

The Creating Fluidity Podcast aims to amplify women's voices in theatre and the arts in Pittsburgh and Western, PA.

Today we chat with 2 actors who were in The Heritage Players' 2018 production of Dracula, directed by me, April May Ohms.  Samantha played Renfield and Ellie played Dr. Van Helsing. Both parts were written as men. We talk about their process of creating a female character from a male role. We also talk about gender blind casting, April's experience as Renfield in college, being a woman in the world, type casting and being cast against type, the phenomenon of the "he-peat" or as Sheryl Sandberg called it in 2015 in "Talking while Female."

 We also delve into the history of using mental illness as a weapon against women and how Sam was able to use that history to inform her character. We consider why men can be just as stuck as women are but in a different way when Ellie brings up the film "The Mask We Live In" by Jennifer Siebel Newson which examines the narrow definition of masculinity and the harm it does to all of us.

We talk about stage combat with Kalee George who helped us throw Sam around the stage a lot while making it look cool and be safe. Thanks, Kalee! And we discuss what TV shows we'd like to be on and what characters we'd like to play in our wildest dreams.

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