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Creating with Mixed Media
Me? Really? Mixed media? I know, I know! It's crazy! But....the more I see projects others do, the more I want to try! I'm guessing my "style" will be a CAS version of mixed media...I'm not into massive embellishing or messy stamping and coloring, but there are ideas bouncing in my head I'm dying to get started on.

In addition to making sure you got to see your 2nd patron-supported video for this month ... I thought I'd let you know two patreon-related things.

  • I've upgraded to the new patron page! (If you're seeing this in email, you can click HERE to see it.)  I'm struggling with the messy header...bleh! But it's better than my previous page, where I couldn't seem to get the "featured" photo to NOT appear as the video thumbnail. Plus everything's all in one place now, no more need to use tabs to scroll around.
  • The folks at Patreon have been working like mad on an app - check it out! You can download the Android app here or the iOS app here! They still have more they're doing, but if you're an app fanatic - have fun! This isn't widely publicized, but they've given some of us permission to share so more people can get on the app and kick the tires a bit more!

Okeydokey, back to work for soon, everyone!

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