Creative & Carefree

Two young artists at play. My son and I. This was before we had our dial up Internet and our smart phones.

We can truly learn from the younger, more care free versions of ourselves.

What are your dreams?

Spend just a moment in remembrance of that positive freedom of yourself being creative and doing whatever it is that you love doing.
Just a moment, because getting stuck in the past can actually hold you back.
Just a moment, to grab that feeling and bring it into your NOW.
But with a different vision...

A vision of a scene or scenes that you want to happen in your life.

The following are a few examples.  You can see:

  • your hand holding the brush that is making the final few touches of a beautifully painted canvas,...
  • your hands, as they remove the Sold sign on a front lawn. Then you walk toward the entrance of your newly acquired dream home, open the door and step inside,...
  • your hands wrapped around the steering wheel of your dream car. What roads are you travelling?
  • your happy face (and, like in real life, you can only see yourself in the reflection of a mirror, lake, etc.), as you feel internal (and or external) healing, taking place within.

You are not seeing  yourself outside your body (in the 3rd person). You see things as though your imagination is over the scene you are in right now, in your life.  So, no driving or operating machineray, etc., during these times.

Make it feel as real as you can. Use as many positive emotions, and as many senses as you can, in order to put yourself in that scene, right NOW.

What smells would you smell? What else would you see, touch,... What sounds would you hear?

Write this all down.

If you can, record your voice, slowly narrating this detailed scene to yourself.
[You can find Free software for audio editing: Audacity].

The best time to listen to & visualize:  In the twilight of your mind.
According to Neville Goddard, the best time is in that state between wake and dream.

Try to spend a little time every day on your dreams, in this way. And spend time being disconnected to technology. Technology is awesome, but we are not meant to be slaves to it, or chained to it 24/7. Exactly what notifications (if any), do you really need activated?

This isn't new age or any other religion. You don't need to chant or 'do yoga'. But Pranayama, an ancient breathing technique (8-4-8-4 in-hold-out-hold), will help give you positive energy (5 - 15 minutes 2x a day).

This is you, telling yourself your own story IN THE NOW. Because you are the director of your own life. And your power is in your NOW moment. This is a form of guided imagery.

Be a self-guided visionary.

Don't believe it? Take a look around you. Many beautifully landscaped places, many products and services that you use, all started out as a vision, a thought in someone's mind or as the combined thoughts of other visionaries.

How Visionaries Succeeded
What did they do?

1. They had the thoughts, the feelings, the vision, the knowing (not the exact knowing of HOW this will all come about, at least, not at first) and the belief that it will be done, in fact, had the mindset that IT IS ALREADY DONE (as the most power that you hold is in your NOW).
The HOW can turn up any time, as ideas or people will show up to help make it happen.
We may not realize it, but we can directly or indirectly help or inspire others in making their dreams come true. Journal the ideas that come to you in your dreams.
Your subconscious will also work on questions that you give it (e.g. what can I do, to make this happen?). Do not stress over it. Go about with the rest of your day/night. Be more aware of what is happening in your NOW.
But learn how and when to still your mind at times.

2. They took action toward their goals. Physical action, mental action,... Start thinking like the person in the scene that you want to be in. There is a world of information out there. Learn more about each of your goals. Who has achieved that goal? How did they do it? You may find out things that you didn't even know that you didn't know. Keep current on ideas and progress made in the field that support your goals.

3. Watch your life begin to change. It may not happen overnight, but each positive thought and action toward your goals, will lead to more choices that can guide you in the right direction.
Caution: discernment is required, as what may appear to be 'a sign', might actually be a test that can steer you in the wrong direction.
And setbacks can occur, but do not remain stuck in negative thinking.
Step back from anger... Get to neutral - it's better than anger. In 5 seconds, you can choose to 'delete' negative thoughts.
Get back on track and make it happen.

'Believe in you.
Believe in the collaboration of imaginary mass.
Believe in your imagination, collaborative forces and serendipity.'

Thank you for reading!

My name is Susan. I am an artist and recruiter.

And I help bring out the creator -
within you.

I will offer guided imagery (vocal podcasts) to Patreons, as well as other rewards for suporters. I will also post a list of upcoming projects. 

(a work in progress)

Read. Dream. Create!

Strike a balance between these two:


I know this is long. It was written for those who seek it. And if this has worked for you (in a day, a week, a month, a year, or years), please let me know in the comments.
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