Creative Wellness Circle ~Setting Intentions
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I have spent this morning going over my calendar and setting intentions for my personal plan and Creative Wellness Intentions for Unified Feminine Energy. My personal list of "intentions" is not yet complete but, it does absolutely include more Simplicity and more Trust. 

[SIDE NOTE: Although, I do think my patrons deserve to get this info first; I haven't really seen much evidence that this particular topic is of high interest to the followers here. However, do feel free to chime in if you would like to see more on this subject later this year. In any case, I decided to make this a Patrons preview post because...well, it was truly the simplest way to make the printable pdf schedule available to the public. The easy-to-use link can be embedded on my website. So, there won't be any need to re-post in multiple locations throughout the year.] 


Growing a local Circle of Natural Feminine Energy for Creative Wellness & Intentional Unity for all who attend.Together let’s create a safe local environment for Sustainable Independent Wellness. 

As part of the UNIFY Global Sisterhood, WE ARE BUILDING A MOVEMENT!

Started as part of SWAN Days Allegany County NY in March 2016, Every New Moon we gather with a new theme to align our intention for personal and global healing.
We will highlight important causes, share powerful resources and take action together. As we transform ourselves,we transform the world.

"I would not interfere with any creed of yours, or want to appear that I have all the cures. 
There is so much to know... So many things are true... 
The way my feet must go may not be best for you. 
And so, I give this spark of what is light to me, to guide you through the dark, but not tell you what to see."
~Author Unknown

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UNIFY Global Sisterhood New Moon Theme
For February 15, 2018
New Moon in Aquarius
Inspired Vision: I serve the world with love and wisdom

For January 16, 2018
New Moon in Capricorn
Aligned Purpose:
I am centered, connected, and creating my reality

 Every new moon UNIFY Global Sisterhood offers a new audio recording of the heart meditation with a visualization aligned with the new moon theme. We usually listen to the recorded meditation so that everyone has the opportunity to participate.

If you're curious, here's a link to our 30 min International Women's Day 2017 Prayer and Meditation Broadcast with Grandmother Mona, a Hopi elder of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.

UNIFY welcomes and supports new facilitators with adaptable, useful tools and guidance to help you start a circle near you.  

Our local 2018 schedule pdf is attached. Any future revisions will be posted/noted here with a replacement pdf attachment. 

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