Creative Funding, Birmingham and A Thousand Envelopes

Here's an interview with me from 2009. I talk about how most creatives are going to do it anyway. They don't need funding and support, they just need to get on with it. However some creatives do need some support. If you want to take bigger risks or start bigger projects you do need some money upfront to meet the costs of making something happen. Here lies the problem. Funding and Creativity are dangerous words to put together. Arguments follow. Iron Man Records wants to take more risks, and work with more creatives who in turn, will also be taking more risks. I think I have found a way through the argument.

Iron Man Records is going to make all new releases available on Vinyl. It's a bigger risk, and will be more expensive than releasing music through digital channels or even on CD. But Iron Man Records is going to do it anyway, with or without your support.

What I want you to do is take a risk, give me a metaphorical envelope with a sum of money in. Do it every month and let me make something happen. It might take 12 months before I can start to demonstrate what your support has achieved. But I'm pretty confident I can demonstrate effective use of the resources you have given me. You will get a number of rewards in exchange for taking the risk in the first place.

I can't offer you any guarantee other than my own insanity and this:

No Government funding will be sought, I will not ask any arts funding organisation for help and no creative consultants will have anything to do with this. This project will be a straight relationship between you giving money to Iron Man Records, and Iron Man Records making releases available on Vinyl. You take the risk and give me your money. I take a risk and give you a number of rewards including a copy of everything you help the label to produce. You get free stuff from the Iron Man Records shop, you get WAV files and all sorts of other benefits direct from the label. But most important of all, you will be helping Iron Man Records to help artists, creatives, musicians, poets and writers. You will be helping to give a sustainable future to hard working individuals and groups. People who dedicate their lives to making the world a better place, with or without any form of financial reward.

Understand that Iron Man Records is going to do it anyway, and will continue to commit financial suicide in it's efforts to make good things happen against the odds. Your help and support will reduce some of the costs involved and may even give the  creatives involved something to work on. They may even be able to consider the idea of a sustainable future for all their hard work.  But, Who knows? It's a risk, it's a gamble. You have to make the world you want to live in. Nobody is suggesting it's going to be easy. Some may perceive this idea as insane in the current state of things. But all perception is a gamble isn't it? Do you want to play?

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