Creative work on issue 4 is finished! ^_^
Woohooo! I had to share with you guys that today I inked the last page of the issue I was working on. And that means that we're officailly four issues in on the creative level. Arc one is made up of six issues (not pages...thank you @robinpierce on twitter for spotting my typo!), so the printed compilation isn't so far away now! *holds hand up for high fives* Cortland doesn't look so happy about it...he's probably hoping we move onto arc two soon where he won't have to deal with being attacked and beaten up. I'll be much nicer and happier and... hmmm. Don't tell him, but I'm not sure arc two will be much easier for the boys. *wink* Despite how he may look, he's grateful to my amazing patrons for the support they're giving. Thank you! Whether you're offering $1 a month or $50, you have my grateful thanks. x I'll keep working hard and hoping that we can encourage more people on board to help get more pages posted faster! Having that safety stash of pages is so important given my work, which is why you helping me to create that buffer means I can ensure a page a week. But, believe me, as soon as I feel I can justify it, I'd love to post more. Here's hoping! *bakes cakes and hopes the smell may pull passers by in* ^_^ And, dear patrons, should you ever want to drop me a line, please do! xx Ems ^_^