Creativity Update for December 2018

December here in Sweden is commonly chock-full of Christmas-related matters. However, these days my children are adult or almost-adult, and that makes my paternal duties considerably lighter than ten years ago. For that reason, I have been able to set aside some time for planning future RPG stuff. 

So, what's moving into, through, and out of my pipeline right now?

  • The Swedish Wastelands setting has stalled temporarily -- I need to coordinate with Tove & Anders Gillbring to learn more about their Freeway Warrior RPG before I can proceed.
  • The Big Secret: There is a hush-hush RPG project at the entry to my pipeline. A Non-Disclosure Agreement prevents me from divulging details, but I can at least say that the development team has had productive conversations, and that I have made a draft. We'll have yet another teleconference in January to discuss my draft and more. 
  • New paperback: I have just published an English paperback with two dieselpunk shortstories based on my experiences of serving in Afghanistan ten years ago -- link to Amazon >>> 

In my blue notebook, I have also outlined some "stuff" that I want publish in English on DriveThruRPG with my daughter the Tiger as my in-house illustrator. In order of priority they are:  

  • No I: Near-future space opera in a gritty cosmos. Mankind's future is at stake, and the adventurers are part of the problem-solving ventures. I have made plenty of notes in Swedish. It will use either Cepheus Engine or BRP; it'll be easy to make two rules sets and let the Game Master select what suits their campaign. 
  • No II: Dieselpunk alternate history with two worlds: a noirish Earth and a pulpish Mars (link to my explanatory blog post >>>). Big machines and steadfast protagonists. I have many ideas, several of which are jotted down in Swedish.  This setting would probably use Cepheus Engine.
  • No III: Last week, I downloaded the BRP Renaissance SRD from DrivThruRPG. Great content. I have always liked the Renaissance: the scheming of the badass Vasa family (probably Sweden's equivalent to the Borgias link >>>), explorers going into alien jungles and deserts (link to what that looked like in the 1500s >>>), the brooding Habsburg emperor Rudolf (link >>>) dabbling in alchemy and stargazing in Prague Castle. After perusing the SRD, a Middle-eastern-ish setting appeared in my mind. It's definitely a place where I'd like to play an adventurer: scimitars, ruins, necromancy, and foul creatures of the night.

Unfortunately, the shortage of time slots for creative writing remains the major choke point, and will remain so until I'll be able to retire from my mundane job. Therefore, no publication forecasts at this early stage.  

Stay tuned to this web page for my recurring creativity updates. There will be a new one once a month. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all -- Peace and Joy unto the World.