So I hate to be on a soap box here but here goes. I started this piece the day Monty Oum passed away . I read on the RT announcement " go create something in memory of Monty ". Before I had felt that - even though I really try and want to use my art for a career, that I only did it for a hobby and I would never go any where with it . But remembering Monty , and all the hard work he did and all the amazing things he created, made me realize that if I want to do something with my art, it's possible. I kept weighing myself down with " what -ifs" and " oh but I have to go to college for this and that to get a successful art career" . I just kept thinking there were these walls I couldn't pass, but remembering some one whose work I admired , and who worked so hard for what he loved to do truly inspired me . I'm devastated that it took his passing to make me learn that if I want to go some where with what I love to do then I have to just find ways around those walls I can't seem to get over.
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