Creator not creating...
Sorry for the Patreon absence last week.  My wife and I are in the process of purchasing a property, between that and work it has been a bit hectic for me.  This week I am going to post a new John Can't Draw, as well as start posting pages from Getting Back To Normal.  

Getting Back To Normal is the noir comic that comes in the digital book version of The Black Wall.  

The Story: Raccoon is a survivor, a man who has lived on the street for most of his life. Wild in his eyes, wilder in his ways, he's seen the end of the pipe and the end of the line, and has crossed over both to live another day. But this is a story about dying, and when Raccoon finds the dead body of a young man, he takes it as his duty to find out who murdered him and why. Pretty quickly we learn there is no getting back to normal.

I should get back to the normal comic posts next week.  Although The Black Wall & Ham-Fisted Tales may be on a short hiatus while I am getting some pages lettered.  Ugh.  I hate being late on things.  Money is tight though and I need more patrons.  

That bring me to the bad news...I've decided that if by the end of Act 2 of Tales Of Hammerfist I haven't gotten more support, I'm going to have to unfortunately end that project.  I just don't have the money to do it all anymore.  Yup, it sucks, but it is possible something I should have done when Tobias left the project long ago.  I just can't afford to create three comics.  It makes me sick to even think about.