The Creatures of Goshen
Aurock (Are-Ock)
Bull like creature. Black or Brown fur. Two large downswept horns adorn it’s head that it uses to smash and pierce anything foolish enough to threaten the massive beast. Domesticated animal of Rojas, a work animal due to their size, the villages and peoples of Kalan use them to plow the fields and pull wagons. The Aurock females will shift the color of their belly fur to a bright red signifying sexual maturity to the Males.

Beon (Bey-un)
These canines are only found in the villages of the Abimelech people, Thought to have wild ancestors, The Abimelech’s tell stories of Legendary Warriors who were able to Domesticate these savage Canines. Though no one really remembers when the first was domesticated. There has never been a sighting of a wild Beon so most believe they have always been with the people. They stand around 3ft tall with dense muscular bodies, They average around 220 lbs with large square heads and pointed triangular ears. They are seen mostly in shades of brown and reds with black and white pups being seen in rare litters. Their body fur is surprisingly short for living on the cold slopes of the Abimelech range yet there tails retain their bushiness like most of the mountains wildlife. There blood circulates at such a rate there large body emit an immense amount of heat making them a favorite of the Abimelech children on cold winter nights. The Abimelech mostly use them for hauling supplies across the snow and guard dogs for the village while the warriors were away raiding. Some have been trained in the Great Chiefs army for times of war sporting thick leather armor made from the skins of their fallen brothers.

Blarak (blare-eck)
Large ferret/badger/rodent-like creature, thick coat of brown to black fur, Native to almost all of Goshen. The blarak is a natural scavenger, they roam the valleys and hills searching for the remains of larger kills. Despite its somewhat small size their attitude is among the fiercest of all the beasts of Goshen, they will challenge a Luan if it means an easy meal. They are the bane of all hunters and trappers, their back stands almost to the knee while there body is covered in dark thick fur that is heavy with muscle. They often use their powerful shoulders to dig chiders out of their burrows as an easy meal, they den in the winter and hibernate until the frost comes.

Chider (Chid-Err)
Large Rodent like creature. Chiders are known to grow to lengths of over a ½ meter in length. Grey or brown fur, while it’s tail is feathered. Found throughout Goshen except where there are concentrations of Goshenites, due to the Chider‘s frightened nature. Those that travel light often snare them for a food source while out in the wilds.

Churkens (Cher-kuns)
Lobster like shell fish that live in most of the waters of Goshen, small ones can usually fit in your palm while larger ones have been seen as long as a man's forearm. As Churkens grow a crystal like stone develops on the underside of their stomach, During the breeding season the Churken produces a soft light of color from the crystal stone causing other Churkens of similar color to gather together under large rocks, They dig a cavity under the rock and lay there eggs. After which a red Churken will come and fertilize it. The red lighted Churkens are the only ones with claws which they use to fight other Red Churkens while the winner gets to fertilize the cavity of eggs.

Doharn (Do Har nuh)
Deer-like creature, these hooved beasts have dirty white fur, stand to about the shoulder of a man. Plains animal of the Ran-nu territory, The rarest, and most sought, have golden stripes marking their white coats. Once the males reach maturity a horn sprouts in the center of their foreheads, over time the horn splits and grows more intricate. Over the past 3 centuries the Ran-nu people have domesticated the creatures herding them for food, field work, and as war mounts. When a Ran-nu warrior’s mount dies in a victorious battle the horn is removed and saved as a trophy and the animal’s corpse is burned.

Drugar (Drew-Gar)
Evolved branch of humanity that were driven underground by The Breaking. They’ve grown fierce, feral, and cannibalistic in their buried realms. Barely resembling the humans they once were, they have faint purple flesh, black eyes, and razor sharp teeth and claws. They typically walk on all four limbs, giving them great speed, but are capable of walking on 2 legs, and often they rise to their legs when they attack with powerful downward slashes. The Drugar are fond of the Old Cities and can be found in number at any of the ancient sites, as well as the Norrain Forest, Tainted Greys and other mountains of the Western half of Rojas in strong concentration. All but the bravest Goshenites are terrified of them and actively avoid any territories known to be home to Drugar.

Erak (Ear Rack)
Deer-like animal, found in most forests in Goshen and on the plains of Pan and the Grey Lands, with a black coat of fur in the northern forests and light brown and blonde coat in the Ran-nu plains. Only in the Grey lands does the creature have a grey coat. Male Erak start growing multiple horns at adolescence that interweave to look like a single twisted crown. These horns have known health properties and are thus prized.

Gayl(Gah El)
Wolf-like creatures, fine cloth-like fur on their limbs, a thick black, grey, brown, or dirty white coat of fur covers their upper body, found in the Forests of Rojas. Savage and clever these pack hunters can take down prey many times there’s size. They’ve adapted the ability to walk on their hind legs to give them better vantage and panning when surveying the area. Very territorial, they have outsmarted and killed many amateur and arrogant hunters foolish enough to venture too close. They, however, strongly dislike the taste of Goshenites, dragging bodies upwards of a kilometer out of their territory.

Ilone(E Lawn E)
Large elephant-like creature native to the plains of the Anin and Ades, golden brown, their spine and limbs are naturally armored with thick bone plate. Their fore teeth extend well beyond the mouth forming tusks. domesticated plains animal of the Ades, they die the animal’s head a dark blue every year. The Ades use the creatures as beasts of burden, as well as Heavy mounts in war, terrifying their enemies as they charge into their ranks. Both tasks the large and powerful beasts are more than fit for.

Kak (Cake)
Cat-like creature, like the Kab it’s found in most forests on Goshen and some form is found on the plains of Pan and the Grey Lands. Grey and white coats in the North and on Gawei, sandy brown on Pan and the Grey Lands. Hunters will often trap them for a food source while hunting for Kab and skin them for furs. Tastes like chicken. :)

Kauni(KHAN! E)
Ant-like insects, standing 5 feet high. They are native to the Setting Sun Forest, on the western-most island of Rogas, Farsea Island. Their exoskeleton, dark sheened almost black, has a natural resistant to light damage. The kauni are opportunistic eaters, and can sustain themselves are a wide variety of food, both animal and plant, though they favor the animals in the forest. They have six legs in 3 sets, the middle set shorter than the rest to allow the Kauni to increase their speed while on land rather than the trees where the grip aids movement. The grooved thorax makes a perfect seat for a rider.

Kunun(Koo None)
Dog-like creature, upwards of a meter high, they have short white fur occasionally black spotted, their teeth are large and curved inward to latch onto prey and threats, their ferocious and deep bark has been known to even make a luan think twice. They are found on the plains of Pan and plains forests and mountains of Rogas. Scavenger they are often at odds with the Luan and Blarak in Pan and Rogas. The Levyt islanders have taken to domesticating them, finding in them faithful defenders and loyal companions.

Luan (Loo On)
Lion-Like Creature, Dotted golden fur, the tail is striped with dark brown. A golden mane crowns their head. They are found on the plains and lowland mountains of the Ran-nu Peninsula. Expert predators, these ferocious lion like creatures stalk much of the wildlife of the wildlife in the plains, with Doharn being a strong favorite, Luan are not averse to taking down Goshenites. The Ran-nu have long feared and hated them, something the Gawei settlers have learned to do as well.

Lukri (Loo Cri)
Giant flightless bird. Black Red feathers, very fine almost hair-like feathers. Native to Gawei, found only in the Solwood. Used as a trotting mount, they can reach high speeds. However, Lukri are normally unfit for battle due to their skittish nature. Only 1 bird in 1000 is deemed fit and so only noted commanders and the Will are honored with a Lukri mount.

Bear like creature of the Yava Forest, Black fur, they walk on all fours, their hind legs shorter than their forelegs, so they have a natural slope at the neck. Large claws they raise up and slash at opponents. The Yava somehow developed relations with the Pleen and often ride them.

Lizard found in the Kauni Forest, they grow quickly and up to a meter long. Favorite food source of the wild Kauni.

Feline like animal. Golden brown fur standing 6 foot, native to the Ades and Anin Plains. Blunt toothed grass-eater. They adapted to walking, and running, on their hind legs for better vantage. However if they stop they must use their forelegs or lose their balance. The Ades tribes hunt them for food.

Tochon (Toe-chon)
The Tochon is the alpha predator of the Abimelech Mountains, Solitary hunters, These giant cats live in the caves that pocket the mountain feasting on anything unfortunate enough to cross their path. Weighing over 500lbs they are much more stout then there Luan cousins of the south. They have short rounded ears while sporting a mane that looks like a large beard of a man. They have thick skin and dense fur to help battle against the freezing peaks of the Abimelech range. Though they are not many in number, Partly due to their harsh environments but more to the fact the Males are often eaten by the bigger females once breeding has occurred. Seeing a Tochon’s fresh print in the snow makes even the fiercest Abimelech warrior look over his shoulder.

Rhino-like creature, Brown skinned, dense and muscular. Native to the Anin Plains, they developed armor plated spines for defense from the Ilone that they are often at odds with. The Treck have very angular spikes protruding from either side of their snout that they gore their prey and opponents with. Because of these attributes the Anin domesticated the Treck as mounts and burden animals.

Tuskens (Tusk-ans)
Boar like creatures, dark fur. Knee to hip high of the Average Goshenite. Found on the lower levels of the Western Mountains and forests on Rojas. Noted and named for the giant pair of tusks protruding from their jaw. Opportunistic eaters, they eat whatever foliage or meat they can find or kill. Kaks are a favorite source, groups of 3 or more have been known to take down a Kab. When agitated, the Tuskens will tear holes into the ground with their tusks. When fighting, Tusken charge with their head up to gore prey.

Tyhr (tire)
Feline, tiger/panther like creature native to the Zalv Forest. Grow up to 3 meters. Naturally yellow with orange stripes, they can shift their fur color to better fit in with their surroundings to aid hunting. The Yava fear them and a hunter who downs one is honored by the tribe.

Vochnr(Vock Ner)
Thick muscular ram like creatures, found on Huargen Island, they typically have dirt colored coats of thick straight fur, but typically one Vochnr in a generation will have a black coat. The fur is fast growing, strong, soft, and warm, ideal material for clothing the Huargen’s. The Vochnr have 3 horns that develop at maturity, 2 curving from behind their ears and framing their face. The third sprouts from between their eyes, jutting out to a point, and is used to get under and flip an opposing male when mating rights to a female Vochnr is contested. This aggression aside the Vochnr tend to be docile living peaceably alongside other Vochnr and the Huargen’s.

Warsel (War-zerl)
Fox like creatures. Red, Dark Red, Deep Brown fur. Competitive animal of the Kak on Rojas. Feeds on Chiders. Compared to the Kak, Warsels are much more vicious and dangerous, with their incredibly sharp teeth, so Goshenites try to avoid them.

Spiny toad native to the Zalv jungle. Variety of colors, typically bright orange and/or red. Poisonous, the early Yava learned to render them and use the poison for their spears and arrows to fell the large predators and game of the forest, a tactic they’ve used ever since.