creatures of an oversalinated lake
I'm getting a chance to run off to one of my favourite spots of desert tomorrow(a brilliant little art commune run by good friends -  In anticipation of getting to do a bit more work on my faux wildlife photography project out at the Salton Sea, I sculpted up a batch of odd critters that I hope to photograph in one of the most disgusting lakes in the world.

The Salton Sea was supposed to be a lovely resort town, but is now largely abandoned. The pollution and increased salinity in the lake has led to a cycle of dead and decaying fish constantly washing up on the shores, which then leads to an algae bloom, which feeds the remaining fish, which then breed...and then die off again.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to come across, as I've never gotten a chance to visit the lake proper, but I thought that a collection of sickly, swampy, sun-bleached, kinda gross little critters might fit the bill. 

I'll definitely let you know how the photographs turn out.