CREEPY Abandoned Neighborhood, What really happened to Lincoln Way , PA?
This video is part of my "Silent Places: Pennsylvania" photo series. 

Noone knows..or would tell us what really happened to Lincoln Way. The mystery of the abandoned neighborhood of Lincoln Way in Clairton, Pennsylvania has been the subject of speculation since the early seventies. The answers we found varied from paranormal activity that includes a beast that dwells in the woods that surrounds the residential community to undergraound fires from coal mines and simply "a strange mass exodus...noone is really sure". Those are the ambiguous answers we got from our research and questioning a few locals. The most likely answers reveal that the poor air quality back in the 60s and 70s could have led to declining health in the people and pets who lived so close to the valley's main source of income (a steel mill), making it a no-brainer to leave this toxic neighborhood behind. This still didnt explain the eerie sights and things we found inside the houses.. it seeming people just "up and left in a hurry one day" leaving furniture, clothes, toys and mail behind. Maybe this street will always be a mystery and maybe thats why it felt so mysterious, magical and superbly spooky!

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