Creepy Rabbit Mask done!
Another rabbit mask I finished recently!
This mask is now for sale at the Etsy shop.

I felt I wanted to make another creepy rabbit, since I and others seem to like those. ^^ Creepy stuff is always fun. Also I wanted to make one with the new ear-making- and whisker-making-techniques.
The whiskers are made of wires and fabric, so they can be repositioned if needed.
Before I've made ears out of leather and fabric, but I like the look of these fabric ears a lot, which are also kind of "padded" so they have more of a shape to them. More of a hastle to make but they look good and are hard and sturdy.

Also, I have been using less and less leather in my work. Although I have a whoole bunch of leather in stock, most of it second hand bought, that I should be using anyways because wasting it by not using it isn't good either. Okay, enough talking about rabbit ears... xD

Me and Sanna, aka Mosstroll, went out in the forest and she modelled the mask for me! You should also check out her work, she is a great illustrator and crafter, here is her Instagram.

The mask is hand made out of my own ecological paper  clay (a kind of  papier maché that I make from mainly re-used paper).
The paper clay is  very hard and sturdy when dried and the mask has also been covered  in  fabric which both gives it a great organic look and feel and also offers extra durability.
The ears are also hard and durable and firmly   attached to the mask.The whiskers are made of wire and covered in fabrics, which means they can carefully be reshaped and positioned.
The mask has a large dark brown fabric hood/cowl (the fabric is a linen/wool blend), which is attached and not removable.

The mask has an opening in the mouth for airflow. Although, as with any  mask, it will probably be hot inside the mask if you wear it for a long  time.
The eye-holes are covered with a thin black see-through fabric  on the inside of the mask which makes it possible to see out through the mask but the eyes will look black/dark from the outside (depending on the light).
The mask is comfortably worn with an elastic strap in the back, with buttonholes to change the length as needed. Included are also four pieces of foam with adhesive on one side that you can place inside the mask and cut into the right shape/size for you.
This mask would be fine in a light rain but I would not recommend you get this mask too wet or soaked since it is made of a paper material - that could distort the mask.

Hope you like it! :)
And thank you so much for your support! /Caroline