Creepypasta Will Not Vanish.
Hello Patron-Puppets!

Welcome to the new patrons~! You truly help me and my family (And believe me, Most of the time. We rely on your donations, You DO help us eat. I mean that!).
Okay, So. If you've seen my Comeback/Rant video, You would know that I've... Well, Obviously 'came back'.
So, With all the conflict. What does that mean for my videos?

I have made a decision.

I will NOT remove my videos. I don't honestly care for the haters opinion. Due to the fact, I care more for my puppets interests than a bunch of bratty people behind a screen.

So, Here is the plan puppets. My videos will stay on YouTube until they are removed. (If they even are.) When they're removed. I'll put them on my Patreon. If they're removed from Patreon, Well, I'll put them back up.

I will not let my fans be deprived because of foolish haters. So, Trust me when I say: Your Creepypasta will not vanish!

Now, Here's another surprise. So, I hope you're sitting down.

I will CONTINUE Creepypasta videos. Here on Patreon.
But, Unfortunately, In order for me to avoid conflict from the haters (And protect you great puppets) I will have to put them as "Patron Only".
I wish I could escape that. But this will only happen with the new ones, The old ones will be here for no charge at all. I deeply apologize if this hinders anyone. However, If in the future I can put them all up here with no boundaries, I certainly will!

Thanks for reading, Puppets!