Crew Highlight: Cienaños
The Carnival is overwhelmingly delighted to announce that Leonardo and Gustavo Moreno, brothers from the Honduran band known as Cienaños, will be joining us for our upcoming Minneapolis residency! Cienaños creates powerful music that inspires Hondurans and folks from around the world to pave an alternative way. During our residency, Gustavo and Leonardo will be educating crew about the political and social state of Honduras and how their music is one way the people have chosen to address such issues. 

Cienaños is a movement that has been shaped and turned into a band by Gustavo and Leonardo Moreno, brothers who have created music since their childhood in the privacy of their home; this musical production has transcended from national to international scene. In addition, they are founders of "La Casa de los Cienaños", a project which in essence, is to create alternative spaces and multicultural outreach in order to promote and disseminate art in all its expressions. In 2006 they released their first single "Fire" and just released their second recording, "La Rolita", this spring. Bringing a mixture of jazz, funk, reggae, rap and trova, all layered in Latino roots, they provide an alternative purpose for being, and at the same time give representation of a collective voice to nurture the existential needs through aesthetic appreciation.

A big shout out to Restoration Village Arts in Charlottesville, VA for being willing to sponsor one band member during this process! We are looking forward to highlighting their story, their struggles, and their creativity and will be sure to keep you updated. Thank you for your financial support which allows us to bring on such wonderful humans!

Much Hope, 

The Carnival de Resistance!