Cricket Ticket! "Aliens: Covenant"
[ WARNING: Thar be massive spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk! ]

Hey, everyone! Chip the cricket here with this second edition of "Cricket Ticket"! The movie and TV review blog written by myself... Chip!

Last night I watched "Alien: Covenant"... a sequel to "Prometheus" and a prequel to "Alien".  

You know me... I love a good bug movie.  Take "Centipede Human" for example...


I love the "Aliens" series as well! It always warms my hearts to watch the heroes defend the hive and use the villains to incubate their young.  Unfortunately this series continually ends on a heart-breaking and tragic down-note with the villains exterminating the bugs and getting away with it.

What a pleasant surprise "Covenant" was!

The hero, David, a human-like android, defends and helps bugs colonize the universe! Finally a feel-good bug movie!

[Update: John just read this review and informed me that in the "Aliens" movie series, the bugs are the BAD guys.  My world has been shattered. I guess I'll have to start this review over]

Hi, folks. Chip here with a review of "Aliens: Covenant".

It's about a ship full of human pests- I mean space colonists.

On their way to infest other planets, they intercept a message that seems human in origin.  Following the signal to a nearby planet, they stumble upon the android David (from "Prometheus") whose commandeered alien space ship has crash-landed. 

Eventually it's revealed that David is pro-alien (Go David!) and a battle ensues. He heroically defeats the humans and wins in the end. A refreshingly happy conclusion compared to-

[ UPDATE: John says I'm still slanting the story against the humans because I'm biased.  Whatever.  I think HE'S biased!  This is MY review and I'll tell it like I see it! ]

As I was saying...

Human-Bug relations aside, the special effects are really nice.  The tech looks real and has a feel similar to the second movie "Aliens".  There are a lot of throw-back moments in the story, which sorta help keep it feeling like an "Aliens" movie.  This also has the detriment of making it a tad predictable. 

The main positive, aside from the xenomorph side winning, is that this movie connects the weird "Prometheus" to the much better "Alien" and "Aliens" movies.  As you might remember, the biology was off in "Prometheus".  Now things have transformed to resemble what we're familiar with... with one exception...

The chest-burster is different.  Comically different.

By the end, we're apparently being set up for "Alien" and "Aliens", though I tried to connect some of the dots and can't reconcile a couple holes.  Maybe there'll be another sequel that better connects things.  

The biggest flaw of "Covenant" is that he humans are uninteresting.  I'm not being biased here.  Sure I was rooting for the Queen in "Aliens", but I did at least sympathize with Ripley. I can't sympathize with ANY of the humans in this movie.   In fact, the most interesting human characters are the ANDROIDS! 

In conclusion...

This movie felt like an apology for "Prometheus".  Like the creators took so much flak for deviating from established canon that they said, "Ok! Ok! We'll fix it! we'll make it make sense!"

And that's my review! Hope you enjoyed it! Now I gotta go watch the other "Aliens" movies to see if John is right about the humans being the... *sigh*... heroes...

- Chip