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Crimefest 2015 day one - MICRO-TRANSACTIONS IN PAYDAY 2
I didn't stick anybody's names on this one, partially because I wanted to get it out on time, and partially because it's polarizing, perhaps, and I didn't necessarily want everybody's name on it.
Also, I'm making this one a patron supported video on behalf of all the videos I do on Crimefest. None of those other ones will be monitized, just this one. Last video for the month will be Duskers, so stay tuned! To those of you that are looking at my channel for other things, sorry for all the Payday 2 stuff, but it's been a big Payday 2 month so far, and it's only getting bigger! November will be much better for other reviews. Trust me...

Fallout 4... Star Wars Battlefront.... ughushgsugh.
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