Crimson Dames - RRH - Prisoner
"I stare out into the inky blackness of my cell. An abyssal void lost the in far reaches of time and space. Are my eyes even open? I just can't tell anymore." "It's been weeks since anyone came down here to feed me, though considering the fractured bones I got the last time perhaps it's for the better. It was worth it though, I broke more bones than they paid me back for so I'm still on top of my game" "The only time I get to see light anymore is when one of those monstrous centipedes crawls out for a bite at me. All those glowing red eyes. Sadly their venom isn't strong enough to kill but one sting will make you hallucinate the strangest things. Or is it just me whose been mentally slipping away this whole time?" "Their disgusting bodies are packed with nutrients at least. The trouble is trying to catch them without being stung, no easy feat with only my feet at my disposal. Two or three are enough to survive for several days. Or has it been weeks? Or worst yet hours? It's impossible to keep track anymore." "When the voices subside I try to keep my strength up by kicking at the heart of that giant iron door. I've done more damage to myself than that door, but my legs are the only things I can move freely. If I can take down even one of those monstrous jailers the weeks in traction afterwards will have been worth the effort." "At some point, I can't remember when, the wailing of the other inmates ceased to be heard. Or has my mind simply tuned out their incessant pleads for mercy? When next they come to beat me I'm certain that woman will appear again. The one who forces everyone to call her Grandmother." "Her words are like a slow spreading Venom, full of nothing but lies. With no one else to talk to but mad men driven insane by her words it will only be a matter of time before they start to erode at my beliefs, and shortly after my psyche. I need to find a way to escape this hell." "If only there were some way to send word back to the order. I'm certain they would send Paladins to crush this facade of a hospital and free these people driven mad by their corruption. I need to persevere not just for myself but for the hundreds of others who are incapable of saving themselves." "Suddenly in the distance I can hear the gates to the subterranean levels opening. Those heavy brutish footsteps of some twisted half human beast. Let's see if I can dislocate one of their jaws today. That crunching sound will be oh so pleasing."