Crimson Dames - Wolf - Jailer
A girl dressed in a tattered night gown rounds the corner of the hall running as fast as she can. So frantic to escape her pursuers is she that she ends up tripping over herself and slams hard onto the dingy floor. The commotion wakes the other inmates of the asylum and they start going crazy. Screams of terror, indecipherable shouting, and a hundred arms shoot out of the barred windows reaching for a freedom they haven't tasted in decades. The cacophony of madness barely registers to the girl whose mind had long since grown numb to the sound of such ravings. She clutches her forehead in pain clenching her teeth. An ocher fluid leaks out of a series of grotesque scars on the side of her crudely shaven head. The tubes and electrodes dangle from the back of her neck like snakes as she feverishly picks herself back up. An abject look of terror overcomes the girl as she hears the dull steps of massive boots walking down the hall oh so slowly. Each step is like a bomb going off in the girls heart. She flees into the night and screams bloody murder. Her high pitched voice reverberates throughout the asylum but falls only onto the ears of the deaf and the mad. The girl suddenly trips again spilling hard onto the floor. She grabs at her bare foot with both hands reeling in intense pain. As if her mind wasn't filled with enough panic the sight of bright red blood coating her feet sends her into a total mental break down. She sobs uncontrollably as she spots what caused her wound. A wicked curved spike much akin to a snakes fang jutting out of the floor painted bright red with her blood. Looking back down the hall her heart breaks at the sight of hundreds of similarly shaped spikes piercing the asylums floor. Her shoulders flinch violently as a crude sound system crackles to life losing a discordant almost musical squeal. The raspy voice of an ancient woman reverberates throughout the entire facility. The static of the system adds a wicked edge to what was already an evil sounding voice. The girl rises to her feet frustratingly slow as she attempts to navigate the countless spikes. "Dearest wayward child, step lightly down the path of needles, for not all roads are worthy of being tread upon by such delicate feet." The girl's face is coated with tears, despite her best efforts she continues to be jabbed and poked violently as new spikes continue to rise through the floor from some cruel unknown source. The wicked sound system continues to belt out its screeching static. " Take heart in the knowledge that all your fears shall soon be abated. That you will once more find yourself in my presence and allowed to rest your tired head upon my gentle lap once more despite the severity of your treacherous sins. For where else in this cruel world is there for you to belong if not in the solace of my warm bosom. As the girl rounds the next corner amidst a sea of flailing arms she is suddenly grabbed by a monstrously huge clawed hand and plucked up into the air by her head. She squirms and kicks violently, horrified muffled sounds barely able to escape the monsters iron grip. The spiked floor recedes with a sound like nails on a chalk board as the massive nine foot tall beast carries the girl off into the night. He drags the girl by her face kicking and screaming but all is for naught she is too weak and the jailer too single minded. It's hooded visage resembles a wolfs head right down to the eyes that burn like fiery coals from pitch black hallows. A piercing bolt of lightning strikes on the grounds nearby revealing the macabre form of the monster's blood splattered garb for just an instant. The girl is never heard from again... at least not by any with rhyme or reason.