Crimson Dames - Wolf - Bannerman
A towering beast of a man decked out in grim silver armor and billowing white wolf pelts oversees his latest conquest. Another pathetic fiefdom consumed in azure flame. It was barely a few steps above your average farming village. They had placed all their faith into the might of their glimmering Sun Knights to protect them. They were fools. To think that 900 plus so called knights playing at war could ever have hoped to stand against the might of 400 true battle hardened Warriors. White Wolf one of the four dreaded standard bearers of the Fang clutched a ruined banner in his left hand. The once gilded banner was slathered in the blood of its people. The number of fiefdoms left to oppose the Fang were starting to dwindle. Soon enough everything would be ready for the Dark Lady to arrive. Soon the elite would be gifted their new immortal bodies and finally be rid of their pathetic human nature. The gleaming standard bearer strode through the carnage of the still burning keep, his massive steps splashing pools of blood in his wake. A scout suddenly came rushing past the eerie flames. "Sir!!! A report from the front! Black Wolf has fallen in personal combat!! His units have scattered into the night!" White Wolf spun around and slammed the scout into the wall pinning his throat with the staff of his banner. His one eye glowing red with rage. "What did you SAY! That's impossible! Black Wolf has NEVER been beaten in single combat not even by ME!!! Who was it! Tell me or I'll have your life you miserable whelp!" The scout struggled to breath pinned down by his commanders inhuman strength. "It was an outsider... urk... a knight foreign to these lands... Koff!... no one's seen him before... He was... urg... mixed in with the Sun Knight's main force that Black Wolf slew in the forest..." The scout, turning blue in the face, could only choke from that point his words garbled. "...Choke!... a... aladin... A Paladin!!!" With that the towering White Wolf dropped the scout. He crumpled to the ground in a heap violently coughing up blood. "This can't be happening." He thought to himself. "We're too close to be suffering such staggering losses now!" He slammed the hilt of his giant banner onto the marble floor cracking the stone, and sending a reverberating chime throughout the remains of the keep. "Send word quickly to Brown Wolf and Blue Wolf! Tell them to fold Black Wolfs remaining men into their own ranks and proceed quickly to the east and west as planned. I alone will pick up Black Wolf's slack. I want this lone knight identified and hunted down. Send our best hunters to track him down. The Dark Lady will devour your souls if word of another setback reaches her ears!!!" His scouts practically trip over themselves to carry their commanders orders to the rest of the men. White wolf looks up toward the moon as he exits the collapsing structure. Its azure gleam becoming obscured by heavy clouds. "The night is ruined, we'll be set back seven years or more for this loss. The Dark lady will have my head for this if I don't speed up our efforts to compensate for this egregious loss. The commander disappears into the azure flames his garb and banner mysteriously untouched by their unearthly blaze.