Crimson Dames - RRH - Vampire
A young woman with a pale bluish pallor stares glassy eyed into the hollowed socket of a macabre idol. The totem of Mormo, an abominable device used by the Inner council to speak to the highest ranking geist of the netherworld. It's use strictly forbidden to all but the most powerful of Lich on the inner council: Lucidnae The Feint, Barrow The Storm Blade, and Cerdrych The Bear. They alone were capable of harnessing the device's full potential. A lesser Necromancer would surely be overtaken by those heartless beings from beyond and risk unleashing their terror unto the world once again. A fact the Vampiress knew all too well. By what witchcraft or technology the first daughter of Gerewulf used to gain access to the device remains known only to her. All others who have attempted to gain access to the device have never been heard from again, devoured by unspeakable horrors conjured by the Lich. The cathedral esque room housing the idol was so cold that a person's breadth would freeze in their lungs; a small matter to a vampire used to such extremes. Small shards of ice formed at the tips of the girl's eyelashes. They loosed the faintest of chimes as she blinked. A glistening frost was slowly forming a crystalline layer over her porcelain skin visage. After what felt like days of silence a voice suddenly booms into the mind of the Vampiress. The voices of a thousand wretched men and woman resonated within her psyche. Each more ghastly and chilling than the last. "What doessst thou seeeek child of Laaamia?" The sounded echoed endlessly throughout the girl's mind. She takes a step back, the power of the entity words alone were staggering even to one of her pedigree. That she didn't immediately curl up into a cowering ball of terror was a great testament to the immense power she commanded herself. She was about to speak her request when the voice responded first. "Thou seeeeakessst the path to convene with one whose ssssoul has crossssed over beyond the void doessst thou not?" The vampire for all her time spent studying the world of the arcane had never encountered a presence capable of plucking the thoughts from her very mind. The vampires pride themselves in having absolute mental barriers against preying minds yet this entity, it somehow slipped past all her mental guards. She was like an open book to them, this should have frozen her heart with terror but instead she girded herself with anger. "Insolent phantoms!" You dare dictate my own thoughts back at me as if I were some commoner without a solid path to follow in this wretched world!? I demand you provide me with the key to pulling my Mothers soul back from the void. I've no need of spells or riddles just what I have said." Her stance and body language oozed a power and authority alien to these dark chambers in many centuries. " Give me the key or so help me I will destroy this shoddy excuse of a conduit and forever more deny you a connection back to your most favorite pets on the "Inner Council"!!!" Her jaw was clenched tight in anger. With this there was an explosive roar that shook the very foundations of the temple. The beings on the other side were displeased that one so small on the mortal plane would dare dictate terms to them, though were more angered by the fact that this macabre totem was their only remaining link to the world of the living. Their hands were in a way tied. For a while there was only silence, until a small voice responded. Just one, weak and snake like, in stark contrast from the previous show of force. "Dearest heir of Laaahmia's doom... I will give you what you ssseeek... but know that there isss a heavy pricsssse to pay for ssssuch arcane knowledge..." The Vampiress looses a wicked smile, her sleek fangs gleaming in approval. "But of course..."