Crimson Dames - Wolf - Stalker
“We should go to her.” “Silence” a stern feminine voice cut off the first. “Can’t you sense them? She’s not alone. She needs us.” The taller girl sat, still as ivory and paid no attention to the smaller girl her eyes still closed deep in meditation. “We were ordered to stay with the carriage.” She replied coldly “Malinda!” The shorter girl whined. Malinda, stomped her wooden cane on the carriage’s floor which unleashed a booming thud. Gisselle flinched and held her tongue. Malinda turned ever so slightly toward the fidgety Gisselle and peeked at her from half opened eyes revealing their eerie inhuman glow. “The dark lady is more than capable of handling a few peasant girls.” The way she accented the word peasant belied her despisal for the lower class. Gisselle turned back toward the window, pouting. She was never very good at staying cooped up in tight places, an irony not lost on her. She peered through the slits in the carriage’s armor depressed. Malinda on the other hand was like a sphinx. Unmoving and silent. By their own standards they wore what their kind considered the absolute finest in fashion. Gisselle in her wine red intricately laced dress and Malinda in airy silks so deep a red that they were almost black. To outsiders, however, the dresses looked more like something you would dress an aristocratic corpse in before laying them to rest. There was a mustiness about them a sense of aged decay that one could just barely place their finger on as to the origin. Their paraffin skin, devoid of the rosy completion of life, had to be simulated with rouge and colored powders. Gisselle could sense every animal in the forest for a dozen miles but something caught her attention, or rather a lack of something. A shape in the woods had just moved up a nearby tree at a startling pace yet save for her visual senses it had almost no presence at all. She was about to shout to Malinda but a heavy impact to the roof beat her to it. The carriage shook violently as the carriage’s roof splintered inward. Gisselle loosed a choked squeal of fright. Malinda opened one eye and peeked upward her concentration broken for the first time in weeks, Giselle was practically sprawled out on the floor in shock. The pained sound of twisting metal could be heard as the weight continued to shift on the carriage. Twisted chunks of slag impacted just outside the window, their surfaces riddled with deep claw marks. An expression of intense concern crossed Malinda’s face, which sent Gisselle into deeper panic. Few things were ever so dire as to force Malinda to change her expression. Malinda took aim with her cane and stabbed it straight through the roof impacting with something above. The clawing and movement stopped as a sorrowful howl faded into a pathetic whimper. A wry smile crossed Malinda’s smirking lips. “Did you get it?” Gisselle asked while drawing closer to the fracture in the roof. “A Lycanthrope.” She said disdainfully as she wrenched her cane out of the roof. “What?! That’s impossible they couldn’t be so stupid as to attack the dark lady’s carriage!” “A Rogue most likely. He’ll become an example to the…” Malinda stopped mid-sentence, a concerned look on her face. She’d just realized that there wasn’t the slightest trace of blood on her cane. The carriage rocked violently again as 2 sets of claws started ripping through the boards on the roof! Gisselle in a panic drew a tiny gun like contraption from her dress and launched a spell infused flair through the opening. An impossibly strong paw like limb just batted the bolt off to the side as if it were nothing, bathing the area in glowing crimson. A massive set of jaws reached through the opening snapping ravenously. Even Malinda was forced to lose her iron clad composer. She swung at the beast head with and impacted with a mighty crack causing the creature to whimper in pain. Her petite form belied the strength the vampire possessed. The werewolf retreated back, its jaw bones, shattered, dangled wistfully from the giants head. The monster growled viciously as it grabbed it’s massive jaw and rehinged it into place. It's healing factor immediately set to work at knitting the shattered bones back together. He chomped at the air a few times testing its range of motion, before turning back to Malinda growling menacingly. He loosed an explosive roar that caused the 2 vampiric handmaidens to cringe in terror. The beast plowed through the remaining obstacle as the gilded carriage rocked violently to and fro. The voices of two women screaming in terror could be heard in the distance before quickly being cut off by a violent howling that echoed for miles around.