Crimson Dames - RRH - Orphan
In the depths of some God forsaken forest lay a petite child. Her bare skin stands out in stark contrast to the dead lifeless trees surrounding here. In these woods the sun is rarely capable of piercing into the unending gloom. The child's gently parted lips are coated in a bright red blood. Coiled tight like a ball among some tall grass the girl lays there seemingly ignorant of the terrible cold. Thunder booms in the distance. A drop of water, as if on cue, falls onto her nose from the branches above. Plip... plip...plop. She springs into an upright position as if moving on instinct. Her still foggy mind struggles to keep up with the explosion of sensory information her body is feeding her. As her mind slowly catches on to her predicament a look of abject terror falls upon her. She looses a high pitch squeal and covers herself up with her arms looking back and forth in a panic. "Wh... where are my clothes??" A sudden gust of wind reveals her crimson riding hood dangling from a tree branch. Without even thinking she makes a mad dash for the shredded article of clothing. Quickly wrapping herself up in its folds as she clutches her shoulders sobbing uncontrollably, her entire body quivering like a wounded bird. "Why... why does this keep happening to me???" she suddenly notices her hands. They are painted with wet blood. This revelation is hammered home when she realizes how profoundly the taste of blood is coating her mouth. "I... I was eating rabbits that's all, only rabbits. They we...They were r.. rabbits. Rabbits!!" As she repeats the phrase over and over to herself shards of broken memories flit about through her fractured mind. Images of horrified women and children bathed in red screaming. Their high pitched cries drown out the girls own words. A sudden tingling sensation comes over the girls fingers, she stares at them in confusion. Her pupils start to constrict into pin points. She watches horrified as her hands begin to broaden and elongate as wicked claws start to push out from under her nails. She doubles over and starts convulsing in pain. "Mother... what did... you do... to me???"