Crimson Dames - Vampire - Sketches
I managed to find a framing device that would allow me to work Vampire into the story much earlier than I initially anticipated. 

I want to get to starting up the storyboarding process for the first few pages but I need to iron out her design some more. Her big hair is especially problematic with the hood on.

I'm contemplating whether or not I need to give her a complete redesign at least hair wise. That top right one is especially bad at the moment don't look at that one. XD

RRH Vampire is at the heart of all the strife and conflict that originates in Crimson Dames. She is the second eldest of the Gerewulf family and probably the 5 eldest being to exist on the planet. though with immortal beings like her their level of maturity and wisdom never seems to never quite match up with their actual age.

She broke away from her Family to seek out the resting place of her mother. Using arcane knowledge she stole from the dead she has business in the depths of the Eidolon woods that could have far reaching consequences for the rest of the world, especially since deploying her wolf army to secure the region.

She's rather brazen in her tactics, loves to toy with her enemies, and plays the innocent maiden card whenever confronted with outsiders, that is until she can either find a way to exploit their skill set or gets hungry. She has most of the usual weaknesses vampires are prone to.  The classic weakness too.

Sunlight, Garlic, flowing bodies of Water, Crosses, Roses, Holy Water, stab wounds to the heart and sometimes even decapitation. Though she's never really tested the last two herself.

She and her family are a rather dysfunctional Family.  The Elder Gerewulf has had seven children in his time and all to different wives, many of which met with an untimely demise when he tired of them. Besides a small handful of high ranking commanders and body guards they are the only vampires left in the world and they prefer to keep it that way.  The Gerewulf Family has never been very good about sharing power. They wont risk their blood line spawning any more traitorous offspring than they've already had to deal with.