Crimson Dames - Page 004 - Inks/Flat Tones
Finally finished the inks! I'll get to coloring them in a few days. For now I'll be swapping over to work on the Minotauress.

I'll be aiming for a sort of sepia glow with, of course, generous amounts of red.

Not entirely sure if I need to censor the work for final distribution and have 2 different versions at all times, or just have a censored variant on display with censor bars.

I think the work load will increase significantly if  I'm forced to make 2 versions of every piece. I'm not even entirely sure how I would censor this without making it too distracting.

This isn't a work aimed at little kids though so It'll probably be best to just bite the bullet on knowing that I'll only ever have a more underground audience. If only I could get more financial backing. I'll likely have to look closer at my business model to best figure out how to drive more people to willingly becoming patrons.