Crimson Dames - Cry Of A Thousand Rabbits
I can still hear the rabbits cry echoing through the back of my mind. The taste of their blood coats my mouth. I don't want to hear their screams any more but I... I want... MORE! They're rabbits... they were only rabbits I swear! ----------------------------------------- On a whim while putting together my last print order for the Tidewater I got the idea to go ahead and make a small print run of the most popular piece in my gallery. Wolf Girl - First Shift by Paladin-Ciel It looked so archaic to me though! D: So I thought I'd try to speedily recolor the the main character at the very least. I like it but somehow I suspect that it won't surpass the popularity of the original. Such is my lot in life. XD I'd need to start considering organizing these illustrations and sketches into a pitch book soon enough... I just need some more material to help sell the concept and world building.