Crisis of the Planes - Issue 2 03
Crisis of the Planes - Issue 2 03

Gates McCloud has suffered great things throughout his life. The loss of

his parents, decades long war, the burden of leadership. One has stood

with him through his suffering, one that has been his rock, his greatest

supporter, and greatest ally. His wife, Fox Faraline McCloud, has been

there by his side, standing with him.

But there would come a day

when he would lose her. A day where his world would come crashing down.

With it the crushing weight would begin to take its toll. With it the

cracks would begin to surface.

So many distractions! Damn you

LoL world quarterfinals! Finally free of the Varn vessel's

interference, Gates begins his hunt for answers.

Crisis of the Planes - Issue 2 02

Crisis of the Planes - Issue 1 cover

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