Critical Let's Play: Proteus
Hi everyone, This Patreon project has died down a bit for now while I am between living spaces and don't have full access to all my consoles. I did, however, want to let you know about a single episode Critical Let's Play I produced for the Digital Writers Festival for the game Proteus: The videogame is one entire playthrough of the game, and I use it as an opportunity to talk about the game's musicality, the discussions it sparked about the game form, and, as it was for a writers festival, I spoke about the craft of the Critical Let's Play itself. This is a free update as I produced it for a certain event, so you are not paying for it, but I just wanted to let you know it exists. It was so easy to produce this on my laptop, however, that I am seriously considering creating more single-episode Let's Plays like this one in the near future through this Patreon project for other small, obscure games that I really love. Then, when I move into my new place in a couple months, the long-promised Binary Domain Critical Let's Play will begin! Thanks for hanging around! Brendan
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