Criticize Racist Caucasian People? Facebook Calls It 'Hate Speech’

Why did I use the term “Caucasian” instead of “white” in the headline? Because I plan on posting this article on Facebook and they’ve tagged me on multiple occasions as someone who engages in hate speech for criticizing certain kinds of white people—white being the operative word.  I'm currently in Facebook jail for criticizing racist white people.

Before you ask, "Why are you still on FB?” read THIS

I don’t only have a profile, I use Facebook to post my work. I’m an admin on a few large political pages and I need that audience. I wish I didn’t need it. I hate that I do. So, I get it, Facebook is fascist, but I’m not able to leave it just yet. I’m working on it.  

Earlier this year, I wrote an article citing a number of cases where white men raped women and even babies, and white male judges protected the rapists. In one instance, a wealthy white man raped a baby and the judge said that prison would be too difficult for the wealthy white man, so, no jail time for him. In the article, I said the remedy to this problem is diversity in government and on the bench. 

When I posted the article on Facebook, it was removed almost immediately and I got a warning letting me know my post violated Community Standards. Below is a screenshot of my infraction.  

Yesterday, I posted this screenshot of a tweet from the extremely popular Twitter user @OhNoSheTwitnt: 

Within an hour, I received that alert saying I was suspended for 24-hours because I violated Facebook’s Community Standards: 

It was also tagged as hate speech: 

I looked in my settings was able to see the times I was flagged with a warning because I criticized racist white people or white judges who gave a pass to white rapists.  Each time it was for hate speech. I’ve learned by reading the terms of service that violations “usually” stay on record for a year.  

“Usually.” That's how it was phrased.

I also learned that Facebook can decide I’m a hater of white people and kill my profile at any time (again) because I’m guilty of multiple violations. Zuckerberg doesn’t like it when racist white people are criticized!  

Facebook users are warned and/or punished for being critical of racist white people but Mark Zuckerberg defended the rights of users to publish Holocaust denial posts, saying he didn’t “think that they’re intentionally getting it wrong.” (Emphasis mine.) 

A Twitter user told me in a comment that her friend’s actions were limited on Facebook because she wrote out the words, “white trash bag.” Her friend was literally referencing the color of a trash bag and all Facebook saw was “white trash,” and that was enough to warrant punishment. When someone is limited or suspended, there’s no opportunity to talk with a Facebook employee or to communicate why you believe Facebook was in error. They decide and you must deal.  

So, to recap: Holocaust deniers are just fine and dandy with Mark Zuckerberg but if you want to call out white people for their bad behavior, you go to Facebook jail.  

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